Title: Alert
Wood and Bronze (Material), Gold Medal @ National Art exhibition
Title: Srungara, 10.5 feet height
Wood and Iron (Material), Exhibited at JNTU Fine Arts College
Title: Anatomy Drawing
Dry Pastels on Brown Sheet (Material)
Title: Potrait Drawings
Charcoal on Brown Sheet(Material)
Title: My Dream Vehicle
Creative Sculpture, Wood and Iron (Material), State-level Art exhibition
Live Clay Modeling
Clay modeling at studio
Title: Hungry
Creative Sculpture, Wood, Bronze & Green Marble,Certificate Award @ National Art exhibition, Hyderabad
Title: Friends
Creative Sculpture, Wood and Iron (Material), State Art exhibition
Title: Fish Couple
Wood and Copper (Material), Collection @ JNTU Collage of Fine Arts
Title: Don't Pick
Wood and Bronze, @ Nostalgia National Art Exhibition
Title: Woman
Conceptual Sculpture, Wood and Iron (Material), Award @ National Art exhibition, Amritsir
Title: Time
Creative Concept, Carving on Curragated Sheet
Title: Bhandini
Creative Sculpture, Wood and Bronze (Material), Exhitited National Art exhibition
Title: My Collage Bus
Terracotta(Material), Collection @ JNTU Collage of Fine Arts
Title: Man & Woman
Realistic Clay Modeling